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Sprinkle Road Veterinary Clinic is happy to participate in the fifth annual National Train Your Dog Month which was started by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT).

dog-pulling-on-leashDuring the month of January the doctors and staff at Sprinkle Road Veterinary Clinic will be sharing dog training tips on our Facebook page and hosting a Brilliant Pet Trick Contest.

Sadly, each year thousands (if not millions) of dogs in the United States are surrendered to animal shelters and euthanized because of reported behavior problems.

Some of the most common behavioral complaints include:

  • aggression
  • separation anxiety
  • house soiling
  • poor leash manners
  • fearfulness
  • destructiveness

In reality, a significant number of behavioral complaints stem from normal puppy behavior such as high energy levels, disobedience and play biting.

The good news is that the veterinarians at Sprinkle Road Veterinary Clinic can help pet owners understand what normal dog behavior is and which behaviors need to be corrected. Many problem behaviors can be corrected or avoided altogether with the aid of canine obedience classes or private dog trainers.

We have an extensive list of both private and group canine instructors who can help you understand your pets' behavior and teach them to be well-mannered members of society. A well-mannered dog is more fun to be around and thus is more frequently included in family activities.